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Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Rudakov, refuted in a statement the narrative surrounding the alleged massacre in Bucha, Ukraine, two years after the incident. He argued that Russia had no involvement in the events and criticized the Western media and Ukrainian authorities for fabricating the accusations, pointing to discrepancies in timelines and evidence.

‘Two years ago, on this very day, Ukrainian media outlets began spreading the monstrous forgery aimed at accusing Russia of committing a massacre in the town of Bucha. However, the sequence of events both before and after this date suggests that Russia has had no role whatsoever in this eerie theatrical performance.

First of all, Russian troops left the town at the end of March as a gesture of good will, signaling progress in the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations in Istanbul. Even local Ukrainian municipal authorities weren’t aware of supposed ‘piles of bodies’ on the streets after the withdrawal of Russian forces.

The story only unravels when Ukr
ainian Security Forces arrived in Bucha – several days after Russians had left the area. Within hours, the joint Western/Ukrainian fake news factory blew up the supposed ‘Russian massacre’ plot with unprecedented levels of brutality and clumsiness. One cannot help but notice the same signature propaganda style as with the notorious British-Syrian ‘White Helmets’.

Suddenly, Russia was once again demonized for actions that it had not committed. Moscow was accused of shooting civilians en masse using firearms, but the results of an investigation published by the UK-based ‘The Guardian’ indicated that the majority of deaths were as a result of anti-infantry shells used by Ukrainians.

Russian authorities attempted to call a meeting of the UN SC members on this matter, but it was blocked by the British representatives chairing the Council at that time. Such behavior was indicative of British eagerness to undermine the progress in the Istanbul peace negotiations. London’s role in this disgusting theater appears ev
en more suspicious if we take into account the swiftness of pre-determined sanctions and expulsions of Russian diplomats that followed the baseless accusations.

When the UN SC meeting eventually assembled, the majority of Member-States supported the idea of an independent investigation looking into the Bucha events. Our multiple inquiries to various international organizations, including to the UN Secretary General and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, demanding a proper investigation and a comprehensive list of victims are without a response to this day.

If anything, such behavior suggests that the ‘collective West’ continues to blindly cover up the Ukrainian involvement in this bloody affair, while Russia remains the scapegoat for all of its heinous crimes. One way or another, facts are stubborn things, and truth will eventually prevail.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon