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Cellular Device Imports at JD51M in 4 Months

Jordan’s import of cellular devices surged in the first third of 2024, reaching approximately 628,000 units valued at JD51 million.

This marks a notable increase compared to 2023, which saw imports of about 521,000 devices worth JD53 million.

Head of the Roya Association for Cellular Devices Investors, Ahmed Alloush, stated that these figures, sourced from Jordan Customs, underscore the local market’s expanding needs. He highlighted the growing diversity of available cellular devices catering to various consumer segments.

Regarding local sales, Alloush noted a significant decline in recent months, attributed to reduced consumer purchasing power. He highlighted shifts in global market shares among manufacturers, noting a slight increase in market share for some Chinese brands. Meanwhile, South Korea witnessed consistent phone price stability despite the introduction of new models.

Alloush emphasized the association’s ongoing efforts to bolster both investor and consumer support. Strategies focus on enhanci
ng product quality and expanding options aligned with modern economic and technological trends.

He acknowledged the challenge for local companies to adapt to global changes while ensuring price stability and device accessibility for all segments of society. Alloush praised the Jordanian market’s flexibility in navigating global challenges, transforming them into growth opportunities.

Source: Jordan News Agency