Shura Council expresses pride in Bahraini diplomacy

The Shura Council has expressed deep pride in the honourable march of Bahraini diplomacy and the quantum leap it has made in building distinguished relations with countries during His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s prosperous era.


The Council asserted that HM the King’s wise vision has strengthened Bahraini diplomacy, which contributed to enhancing the kingdom’s status regionally and globally, achieving high levels of fruitful cooperation and joint cooperation with various countries in the field of sustainable development, and promoting the principles of coexistence, dialogue and positive openness to countries and peoples.


In a statement marking the Bahrain Diplomatic Day, observed every January 14, the Shura Council extended deepest congratulations to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, noting that the success of Bahraini diplomacy over more than 50 years is the fruitful outcome of the kingdom’s keenness to strengthen its relations and extend bridges of fraternity and friendship with all countries.


The Council commended the efforts exerted by the government, led by HRH Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to deepen partnerships and constructive cooperation with the governments of brotherly and friendly countries, reflecting the strategies on which the Bahraini diplomacy has always been based.


The Council also lauded the pivotal role played by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, led by Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, praising the tireless efforts exerted by the Foreign Ministry to consolidate Bahrain’s relations with various countries.


The Shura Council paid tribute to Bahraini diplomats and all the affiliates of the Foreign Affairs Ministry for their dedication in serving the kingdom and enhancing its international status, praising the landmark achievements of Bahraini diplomacy thanks to HM the King’s leadership.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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