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SCE launches pilot phase of chemical materials management system

The Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) has affirmed its keenness to continue developing policies and programmes that regulate the protection of the environment and preserve its resources to enhance the Kingdom’s commitment to all regional and international environmental treaties and programmes that it has signed, by using modern technology in organizing environmental monitoring and assessment processes.

The stances were made during the workshop, “chemistry”, organised by the SCE, in the presence of 500 participants from various governmental and private agencies and civil society institutions related to chemicals.

The SCE launched the pilot phase of the first electronic system specialised in the management of chemical materials.

Addressing the workshop, Engineer Mariam Al-Ansari indicated that the “chemistry” system aims to implement complete and qualitative electronic automation for more than 3,800 entities dealing with chemicals in the Kingdom, noting that the system is the first of its kind in Bahrain and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, in terms of quality and comprehensiveness in the field of hazardous chemicals management.

During the workshop, the SCE trained the participants on the new system, including its work mechanism, and how the concerned authorities can carry out their activities that require a license and prior approval from the Supreme Council for the Environment.

The SCE indicated that the “Chemistry” system has been linked to the (sijilat) system of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and some related systems, in order to facilitate the provision of services, payment of administrative fees, and follow-up of requests.

The SCE asserted that the “Chemistry” system provides 37 e-services, including registering institutions and granting them a prior license to import chemicals, or various refrigeration media, as well as refrigeration, air conditioning units, customs clearance of the materials, and monitoring their use and circulation in the local market.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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