Samsung expands energy-saving Bespoke home productsBusiness

Samsung Electronics unveiled more energy efficient and AI-powered high-end household appliances for this year, seeking to take its standard for smart home life to another level.

The South Korean tech giant showcased the latest line of luxury home devices, Bespoke Life, which is an upgraded version of Bespoke Home, with better personalized and customizable appliances powered by the home automation SmartThings application.

The company said its existing Bespoke lineup will be expanded to 27 products in total by the second half and all of them will be wifi-enabled, according to Yonhap.

The South Korean tech giant has been collaborating with American outdoor clothing and gear brand Patagonia for years to make less of an environmental footprint on Earth by reducing the release of microplastics from clothing.

Samsung’s fourth-quarter operating profit plunged nearly 70 percent from a year ago, as the global economic slowdown hurt the sales of electronic devices and semiconductors that power them.

Source: Bahrain News Agency