Religious clerics condemn attempts to terrorize people

A number of religious clerics have affirmed in a manifesto today renunciation of terrorizing people, stressing the importance of protecting civil peace. They asserted that undermining people’s security contravenes with Sharia teachings for the feeling of security is one of the best God-given blessings that deserve praise and thanksgiving to Allah Almighty. They said this feeling gives a sense of reassurance and tranquility and enhances confidence and certainty in the countless blessings of God Almighty and his generosity and kindness to his creatures.


The religious clerics emphasised that intimidating people and disrupting their interests is a transgression of Sharia precepts and can in no way be accepted or receive the sympathy of anyone for it infringes one of the key fundamentals of humanity that is underscored by Islam. They affirmed that peace and security is one of the great blessings from Allah Almighty to the Bahraini people who are peaceful by nature.


The religious clerics commended vigilance of the security bodies, their rapid response and keenness on maintaining security and safety nationwide by dealing competently with suspicious objects found in many places. They condemned attempts to terrorize people and threaten the safety of the community, praying to Allah Almighty to protect Bahrain, its leadership and people.


The manifesto was signed by:

– Shaikh Hassan Al-Taweel

– Shaikh Hameed Shamlan

– Hashim  Al Sayed Majid

– Shaikh Makki Al Ziri

– Shaikh Maitham Al Daggas

– Shaber Al-Bouri

– Yasser Al Sari

– Sami Al-Said





Source: Bahrain News Agency

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