Parliamentary delegation participate in COP28

A parliamentary delegation, led by Assistant Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Mayada Shreim, attended, on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, a special session on Monday on the Climate and Refugees Initiative, which Jordan launched at the previous edition of the conference in Sharm El-Sheikh.

According to Shreim, the Climate and Refugees Initiative initiated by His Majesty King Abdullah is a global initiative led by Jordan during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) in Sharm El-Sheikh last year. At the time, His Majesty emphasized the unique challenges faced by nations like Jordan, which must contend with the combined consequences of climate change and its enormous refugee population.

Shreim pointed to His Majesty’s invitation for countries to embrace this initiative, which aims to define priorities to support countries hosting refugees who bear the burden of climate change and has been joined by over 60 countries.

She explained that the
number of displaced people has recently increased to large proportions, while these countries are increasingly impacted by climate factors, disasters, and rising external debt, making it difficult for them to meet their specific national needs and achieve sustainable development goals and development aspirations.

In turn, Head of the Parliamentary Environment and Climate Committee, Ali Al-Ghazawi, referred to Jordan’s climate and refugee efforts as being congruent with the COP28 conference agenda, which strives to protect and empower the most vulnerable people.

He emphasized the importance of highlighting potential for international collaboration, investment, and financing, noting that the efforts of this initiative are aligned with the objective of the COP 28.

According to Al-Ghazawi, the initiative identified existing climate funding instruments that must be improved in order to offer climate financing and boost the resilience of refugees and host communities.

He conveyed his conviction that the Refugee
-Climate Nexus Initiative could function as a worldwide remedy that would bolster the fulfillment of the Declaration’s obligations.

Al-Ghazawi went on to say that because Jordan is one of the nations most affected by water scarcity worldwide, climate change will exacerbate the country’s suffering as well as put more strain on infrastructure and services. This will have an impact on the country’s overall economic, social, environmental, and climatic conditions, which calls for comprehensive action.

The delegation includes MPs: Marwa Al-Soub, Tayseer Krieshan, Rima Abu Al-Eis Al-Amoush, Dhiab Al-Masaeed, and Muhammad Al-Alaqma, in addition to MP Faliha Al-Khudair.

Members of the parliamentary delegation stated that Jordan had initiated the first regional strategy for green financing and green bonds, with the aim of transforming the country’s financial sector into a prominent player in the green environment and enlisting the private sector in climate investments.

They continued, saying, “We are currently exp
eriencing pivotal times in our efforts to address the global climate. We have a chance to work together to solve particular climate issues, including the ones that vulnerable countries to climate change and refugee hosting countries confront.”

Source: Jordan News Agency

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