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Orange Jordan to sponsor 5G summit in June

Orange Jordan announced that it is sponsoring the 2023 5G Summit, slated for June 6th, as a local telecommunications partner, under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan.

According to an Orange Jordan statement on Tuesday, the summit is organized by the Arab Advisors Group, which specializes in providing research and analysis in the communications and media sector. The group is considered an important platform for thought leaders, decision-makers and executives from various sectors to explore and discuss the potential of fifth-generation network technology, it added.

Orange Jordan’s CEO Philippe Mansour said he was looking forward to the summit to speak about the transformative capabilities of the fifth-generation network and the company’s commitment to advancing technological developments, empowering individuals and companies through advanced communications solutions, in addition to leading the 5G revolution in Jordan and the region.

Mansour pointed out that the summit will attract many executives, entrepreneurs and leaders, noting that it would focus on 4 main topics: fifth-generation technology for a better future, the challenges and opportunities available in the fifth-generation technology, and a study of the business case for fifth-generation technology and beyond the fifth-generation technology.

It will also tackle topics such as the transition to the fifth-generation technology, innovation in the era of fifth-generation technology, the establishment of an integrated ecosystem in light of the fifth-generation technology, highlighting the potential and challenges associated with the deployment of the fifth-generation network and enhancing cooperation and knowledge exchange among the participants.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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