NIHR highlights Bahrain’s experiences in protecting rights of persons with disabilities

The National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) has participated in the V International Conference “Human Rights Protection in Eurasia: Exchange of Best Practices of Ombudspersons” in Moscow.


This year’s conference was dedicated to the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities and environmental human rights.


The event brought together more than 250 participants in person and in videoconference mode – ombudsmen and heads of organizations and associations of ombudsmen.


The conference sought to enrich and enhance experiences between international governmental and non-governmental organizations working in the field of human rights, as well as representatives of the academic and scientific community, in order to protect human rights.


The NIHR highlighted Bahrain’s experience in protecting and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and referred to its role in holding training courses and workshops and raising awareness through media campaigns related to the issue of disability and its close connection with human rights.


The NIHR also stressed the human dimension and the great attention of HM the King to people with disabilities and the enactment of laws in Bahrain to protect and promote the rights of people with disabilities.


Source: Bahrain News Agency

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