NIHR delegation visits Jaw Reform and Rehabilitation Centre

A delegation from the National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR) visited Jaw’s Reform and Rehabilitation Centre to follow up on action taken regarding observations and recommendations presented by the institution.

The delegation met with the centre’s officials and also a number of inmates who reported that some of the services suggested in the previous NIHR observations had already been provided by the facility.

The NIHR affirmed that the centre has implemented several recommendations based on the institution’s previous visit, which included increasing outdoors time to two hours and fifteen minutes, expanding private visits, increasing the number of phone contacts to seven, and gradually opening libraries and allowing books to be brought in buildings.

The delegation affirmed that the mosque will continue to conduct mass prayers, and that inmates will be continuously briefed on their rights and obligations. It added that the facility’s management is currently considering a proposal to increase the number of phone calls per week to three times a week for 15 minutes, and that other observations and recommendations are being processed to ensure that inmates receive their rights as per national legislation and relevant international standards.

The NIHR underscored its commitment to review all requests and observations from inmates, noting that the facility’s management is following up on observations that had been previously discussed.

The management is working on developing services offered to inmates, the NIHR affirmed, adding that its cooperation supports the work of the institution.

Source: Bahrain News Agency