Minterest Launches Exclusive Early Access for NFT Holders Ahead of Public Launch

The Minterest protocol is now fully live for early supporters and Minterest NFT holders, granting exclusive access to the full suite of Minterest tools ahead of public launch.

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 1, 2023 / Minterest Labs announces the final stage of launch of the Minterest protocol, a revolutionary crypto lending platform built on the concept of real yield.

Minterest Dashboard – the most user friendly experience in DeFi
With a complete DeFi dashboard, Minterest users have an aesthetically unique and fully functioning area to view their asset information and risk exposure.

Launching on Ethereum, Minterest provides cutting-edge DeFi borrowing and lending services. Backed by four completed security audits and a world-class team of digital asset professionals, Minterest is now live!

During the Private Launch phase, access is limited for 4-6 weeks to Minterest NFT holders whose liquidity provision will benefit from early access, with a restricted user pool resulting in a greater share of protocol rewards.

For users seeking access who do not have an NFT, the collection has been registered on Open Sea to enable holders to trade.

What is Minterest?

“Minterest is a lending protocol able to capture 100% of its fees from its functions, which it then uses to buy back its own token and reward users who participate in its governance.” – Josh Rogers, founder and CEO of Minterest.

Minterest pushes new boundaries in DeFi lending protocols. It generates underlying value in its token economy far beyond the capability of any other, while rewarding its users who participate in governance. The fully-sustainable token model gets delivered through groundbreaking innovations like the first-of-its-kind on-chain liquidation engine coupled with its unique buyback mechanisms.

The result is a DeFi revolution – the highest long-term total APYs combined with the lowest possible borrow cost.

With Minterest, Yield Gets Real.

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