On the occasion of the Resistance and Liberation Day, the LAF Commander, General Joseph Aoun, addressed the following Order of the Day to the troops:

Fellow troops,

The Resistance and Liberation Day is upon us bearing the true meaning of dignity and strength. On this day we proudly remember the historic victory achieved by the Lebanese over the Israeli enemy, as they liberated most of the occupied lands in the south and returned them to the embrace of the motherland. Following a long path of struggle and steadfastness, a glorious page in Lebanon’s history was written, setting a rare example for all people.

Fellow troops,

Your steadfastness and insistence on performing your duty towards the homeland is a source of pride and hope. In carrying your missions, you are protecting Lebanon from its enemies, especially the Israeli enemy and terrorism, and upholding security, while showing the utmost professionalism, dedication, vigilance, and full commitment to moral values, and safeguarding human rights. Over the past years in particular, the Lebanese have realized your willpower, your commitment to your oath and loyalty to the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, despite the difficult circumstances and the magnitude of responsibility.

We remain committed to carry out our obligations, especially on the southern borders, in coordination with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, and in accordance with Resolution 1701 and its provisions. We assert our right to resist the Israeli enemy and its greed and violations of Lebanese sovereignty, and to reclaim all our lands.

Fellow troops,

Preserving Lebanon’s security and stability, defending it, and controlling its borders remains the absolute priority of the military establishment. This stability is a prerequisite for the advancement of the economy and the functioning of institutions, and it would not have been achieved without your sacrifice. With each mission you undertake daily, this achievement is renewed, and with every drop of blood for your country, it is entrenched through the trust of the Lebanese people and the international community in you. Remain loyal to your oath, duty, and the supreme national interest. With your resilience and faith, our country shall overcome all challenges.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon