Khamasini dusty depression hits Jordan Monday

A Khamasini depression is predicted to sweep the kingdom on Monday, pushing temperatures high and bringing relatively hot, dry, and dusty weather conditions in much of the country, the forecasters said.
In a daily brief, the Jordan Meteorological Department forecast that it will be hotter in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, with clouds at medium and high altitudes, and southwesterly brisk winds, accompanied by strong gusts reaching 50 km/h.
The Khamasini depression Is a meteorological phenomenon characterized by the intrusion of hot and dry winds originating from the vast desert regions, most notably the Arabian Desert. It typically results in a significant rise in temperatures with dusty conditions. The term “Khamasini” refers to the number fifty in Arabic, reflecting the historical occurrence of this weather pattern during the fifty days following the spring equinox.
Toward Tuesday, mercury levels will drop again a few degrees, bringing back fair conditions in most regions, while it will be relatively hot in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and Aqaba, with clouds at various altitudes and a chance for light and scattered showers in the eastern and southeastern regions, the JMD noted.
Thursday will see a slight rise in temperatures. Therefore, it will be relatively hot in many areas, with clouds appearing at different altitudes.
Today, the highs in Amman and other highlands across the Kingdom will range between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius, dropping at night to 14C or even 13C in the southern highlands.
In the Gulf city of Aqaba, it will be much hotter with mercury reaching a high of 39C and a low of 23C.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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