Jordan’s grand festivities for the Crown Prince’s wedding kick off Wednesday

Setting the stage for a royal celebration, Jordan commences its grand festivities honoring the wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, and Miss Rajwa Khaled Al Saif on Wednesday, in a jubilant two-day affair.

A royal feast will be hosted by His Majesty King Abdullah II at the Royal Hashemite Court, marking the occasion with more than 4,000 esteemed invitees from the Jordanian community sharing the joy.

Embracing the rich tapestry of Jordanian heritage, the banquet will be punctuated by heartfelt poetry recitals, tuneful singing, and soulful folk songs.

Come Thursday, the Zahran Palace is set to be the backdrop for the nuptial ceremony of His Highness the Crown Prince and Miss Rajwa.

The newly united couple will then embark on a ceremonial journey to the Husseiniya Palace, escorted by a vibrant, red procession.

The parade will wind its way through the capital’s streets, brimming with flags and visible expressions of delight for this momentous occasion.

At the Al Husseiniya Palace, Their Majesties, the King and Queen Rania Al Abdullah, will host a grand wedding reception, followed by an official dinner in honor of the newlyweds.

Guests from near and far have already started to converge on the capital city, Amman, to partake in the joyous celebration. Among the attendees are distinguished state leaders, crown princes, and esteemed personalities from allied nations and friendly countries.

The wedding ceremony has garnered substantial attention from local, regional, and international media, making it a truly global event. Television networks are geared up to broadcast the live spectacle of the royal celebrations.

The governorates of the Kingdom are resplendent with a slew of activities marking the wedding, immersing the entire nation in the joyous occasion.

Source: Jordan News Agency