Jordan Foreign Minister says Spain’s recognition of Palestine ‘historic’

Madrid: – Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi Wednesday said Spain’s recognition of the Palestinian state “is a historic day for justice and international law and for the right of the Palestinian people to live in freedom and dignity.”

In a press conference in Madrid for foreign ministers and members of the ministerial committee to stop the aggression on Gaza, Safadi said, “The recognition of the Palestinian state reflects Spain’s determination to protect international law and achieve just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

He praised Spain, Ireland, Norway and Slovenia for recognising the state of Palestine and urged other countries, especially in Europe to follow suit.

Safadi added, “The future of the region cannot and should not remain hostage to a radical, extremist Israeli government that continues its blatant aggression against the Palestinian people, ignores international law and the will of the international community, violates the decisions of the International Court of Justice and Security Council
resolutions and violates our common human values.”

He said, “The massacres that burned children alive in Rafah over the past two days reveal the brutality of this aggression and the need for the international community to stop this brutality and save the region and its future from the destructive policies and actions of the Israeli government.”

He expressed the Kingdom’s “full solidarity” with Spain against what he described as immoral Israeli official attacks against Spain, its values ??and culture.

He said, “We condemn these attacks [Israeli official attacks on Spain], and there should be no room in international relations for bullying or intimidation against states, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court or any other international organisation. Everyone must stand against this bullying and intimidation.”

He stressed Jordan’s continued work with Spain and partners in the international community to end the Israeli war on Gaza, ensure respect for international law and impleme
nt the two-state solution.

Safadi added, “The aggression against Gaza must end immediately. The Palestinian people deserve justice and freedom, our region deserves peace, and the role that Spain plays in this matter is essential.”

He said, “On behalf of His Majesty King Abdullah II and the people of Jordan, we thank Spain for this decision, and we thank it for renewing hope,”

He added, “It all started in Madrid more than 30 years ago, and what you have done is to reignite this hope. This constitutes a step towards returning to the right path to achieve a just and lasting peace.”

He urged establishing a Palestinian state with occupied East Jerusalem as its capital to ensure regional peace.

Safadi explained, “Spain’s role is essential. We are partners, we will work together and continue to do everything in our power to end this dark chapter in our human history.

“The priority now is to end the aggression, end the use of starvation as a weapon of war and allow Palestinian children and women to have food on
the table and return to schools, health and medical care and to wake up in the morning without the fear of being bombed in shelters that Israel declared as safe zones.”

Source: Jordan News Agency