JCI calls on benefiting from pan-Arab economic partnerships

Head of the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) , Fathi Jaghbir, said national efforts should be orchestrated to optimally benefit from pan-Arab economic integration. Jaghbir added that Arab economic partnerships made among multiple Arab countries, including Jordan, during the past recent years represent a “promising” opportunity to achieve growth and prosperity of Arab economies and promote the desired Arab economic integration. In a statement to “Petra” on Saturday, he said joint Arab action needs continuous development to keep pace with developments, especially in light of today’s major economic blocs that aim to promote self-sufficiency and contribute to achieving food security. Jordan, he noted, was a “pioneer” in working to form economic blocs with various Arab countries, starting with the integrated industrial partnership for sustainable economic growth between the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan. This partnership, he noted, is a “serious and practical” step to start networking the available capabilities and laying a “major” cornerstone for Arab integration. In this regard, he said 12 agreements for industrial projects worth more than $2billion were signed, which is a “positive” achievement in this field to build on each country’s competitiveness and achieve industrial integration. These agreements, which included “vital” sectors, primarily agriculture, drugs, metals, chemicals and electric-powered cars, are viewed a “strategic” development step to advance Arab industry and Jordanian industrial sector, according to Jagbir.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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