Human rights concepts highlighted at virtual lecture

Human rights concepts were highlighted at a lecture organized by the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR) and the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission.

The lecture is part of NIHR’s endeavors to promote and spread the culture of human rights among all components of society and to develop awareness of national, regional and international standards related to human rights.

NIHR President Maria Khoury highlighted the institution’s role in promoting and protecting human rights in Bahrain and touched on the concept of human rights, the major international human rights conventions and commitments, and the public rights and duties in the Bahraini constitution.

She explained services provided by the NIHR to citizens and residents to protect and promote human rights, as well as the legal framework for its actions.

NIHR’s relations with regional and international institutions, strategy, action plans and the most prominent achievements were also highlighted in the virtual lecture.

Source: Bahrain News Agency