Higher Education Council Secretary General dismisses failure to recognise MIT, Cambridge certificates as untrue

Manama, Secretary General of the Higher Education Council, Dr. Abdul Ghani Al Shewikh dismissed allegations of failure of the National Committee for the Evaluation of Academic Qualifications to recognize certificates granted by prestigious international higher education establishments, like MIT and Cambridge, as untrue.


Commenting on the issue raised by a member of the Representatives Council in the council’s session today, Dr. Al Shewikh described the allegations as baseless, pointing out that, according to the relevant committee, the two universities are on the list of recommended universities on the ministry’s website in all disciplines and academic degrees. He noted that all academic qualifications meeting the required criteria, be they issued by those two prestigious universities or any other ones, are equated without any problem. He warned that such erroneous claims are likely to disseminate inaccurate information.


Source: Bahrain News Agency