The press office of Hamas in Lebanon denied, in a statement on Monday, reports claiming that the movement, alongside Hezbollah and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, was backing the gunmen fighting in the refugee camp of Ain-el-Hilweh in order to “take over the Palestinian decision in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon.” “We reject these void and fake claims that contradict our policies and beliefs, and we consider them a new-fangled attempt to distort the image of Hamas Movement and the Palestinian resistance,” said Hamas. “Since day one of the events, we have worked with all the Palestinian and Lebanese factions and forces, in addition to the Lebanese security apparatuses and the Palestinian Ambassador to Lebanon, to cease fire and preserve the camp, its residents, and the Lebanese neighborhood. We will continue our efforts with all the loyal sides to ensure security and stability inside the camp,” the Movement added. “Hamas and the Palestinian factions in Lebanon are working collectively within the framew
ork of the Joint Palestinian Action Committee that is tasked with running all the affairs relevant to our Palestinian people in Lebanon; there is no battle over powers or the Palestinian decision,” Hamas went on saying. “These claims are totally untrue, and they only serve the Israeli occupation and the enemies of the Resistance,” it concluded.

Source: National News Agency-Lebanon

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