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Foreign Minister Calls for End to Gaza Occupation, Advocates for Two-State Solution

In a recent statement, the Foreign Minister highlighted the urgent need for peace in the ongoing Gaza conflict, emphasizing that the path to peace does not lie in continuing the occupation.

According to Jordan News Agency, achieving peace requires ending the occupation and implementing a two-state solution, with a Palestinian state established within the June 4, 1967, borders and occupied Jerusalem as its capital, coexisting peacefully with Israel. The Minister stressed the importance of acting quickly to halt the war, which he said is undermining decades of efforts to foster a peace mindset among both Israelis and Palestinians. He warned that the war’s continuation is eroding faith in the peace process and endangering security across the region and beyond.

Safadi underscored the catastrophic implications of the war, urging unified and decisive action to avert a broader regional security threat with potential global repercussions. He criticized Israel for violating international law, maintaining that the country acts as if it is above legal constraints, a stance he insisted must change. He clarified that the conflict is not rooted in religion but rather in the occupation of one country by another.

Reiterating his commitment to a just and lasting peace, Safadi argued that Israeli security is intertwined with Palestinian security, and both peoples’ lives should be equally valued. In conclusion, Safadi noted the significance of a recent meeting where fundamental agreements were reached, including the necessity to cease killings, adhere to international humanitarian law, ensure adequate supplies for all of Gaza, and address the issue of population displacement. He highlighted the consensus on the inadmissibility of transferring populations and the need for Palestinians displaced from their homes across Gaza to return.