Forbes Recognizes Jordanian Entrepreneurs in 30 under 30 List for Social Impact

AMMAN – Forbes magazine has recently included Jaser Al-Harasis and Thaer El-Ledawi, founders of the Jordanian EdTech company ROBOTNA, in its prestigious 30 under 30 list for 2023. The duo is recognized for their significant contributions to the field of education in the Middle East and North Africa region.

According to Jordan News Agency, the selection of Al-Harasis and El-Ledawi was based on ROBOTNA’s substantial social impact in the Arab world’s education sector. The company, renowned for its innovative educational solutions integrating artificial intelligence and interactive learning, has positively influenced over 50,000 children and youths across various Arab countries. This recognition by Forbes marks a significant achievement for Al-Harasis and El-Ledawi, highlighting their relentless dedication to enhancing educational technology and expanding learning opportunities in the region.

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