Exhibition to journey across three generations, passion for art

Manama, Visions of three different generations of one family will be merged into one exhibition that will express the philosophy and beauty of art.

Dayana Ali Al Shaikh, her father Ali Al Shaikh Basheer and her daughter Layal Yousif Al Thawadi will display several paintings that will form a journey across three generations that is filled with inspirations and emotion transfer.

The father will exhibit five paintings in his favourite Cubism style that reflects his passion for geometric shapes and his rejection of the concept that artists should adopt the traditional techniques of perspective, modeling, and foreshortening. His work, in which he uses oil colours, distances itself from the idea that art should copy nature.

The mother will have 10 paintings that will reflect the various styles she has adopted for her artwork. Her passion for the traditional, modernism and calligraphy will bring the styles together to co-exist in peace and harmony throughout the exhibition on April 22 and well beyond it.

Layal promises to be an outstanding surprise for art lovers. In her first public exhibition, Layal, a university student, will have 10 drawings of modern art in acrylic painting.

Dayana staged in 2015 the Letters of Hope exhibition that shed light on her personal experience in fighting cancer through a collection of Arabic Calligraphy paintings that featured more than 40 unique artworks with a powerful message.

The paintings were sold within hours and the proceeds went to the Bahrain-based Child’s Wish society to support more than 500 children suffering from chronic ailments and other people with special needs.

“I am looking forward to this exhibition as we representatives of three generations reach out to the community with messages to reinvigorate hope, inspire ambitions and embolden dreams,” Dayana said.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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