Director-General of Media and Security Culture: fighting begging is social responsibility

Director-General of Media and Security Culture Brigadier Mohammed Bin Daina asserted on Wednesday that the Police Media Centre, as part of its observations of society’s interests, has witnessed a remarkable increase in begging cases in various areas in the Kingdom.
He said that the centre works on awareness programmes to encourage society members to take responsibility and cooperate to limit this issue.
He highlighted that fighting begging is a social responsibility that should be adopted by all, especially citizens, by directing beggars to seek assistance from concerned authorities or reporting them for legal procedures.
He said that dealing with beggars and providing them with money contribute to spreading practices against the traditions and values of Bahraini society and social solidarity.
The Director-General asserted the awareness role of the Security Culture Directorate. Begging is tackled legally through the clauses of law 5 of 2007 on fighting begging. It penalises beggars after providing them with social welfare, with up to one year in jail and/or a fine ranging between BD50 to BD100. Meanwhile, foreign beggars face deportation after serving their penalties.
A jail term between six months to one year is the penalty for those who repeat the offence.


Source: Ministry of Interior

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