Decline in Jordan’s National Exports Noted in Recent Statistics

Amman – Jordan’s national exports have experienced a downturn in value, as revealed by recent statistics. The data shows a decline in the export value of various commodities until the end of September 2023.

According to Jordan News Agency, the value of clothing and related accessory exports reached about JD1.020 billion, a decrease from JD1.185 billion in the same period last year. Phosphate exports also saw a reduction, amounting to approximately JD454 million compared to JD595 million the previous year. Additionally, raw potash exports dropped to JD515 million from JD820 million, and fertilizer exports decreased to JD782 million from JD912 million.

Overall, the total value of national exports by the end of September 2023 fell by 2.0%, reaching JD6.272 billion, down from JD6.402 billion in the same period last year. These figures highlight significant changes in Jordan’s export landscape, reflecting shifts in the global market and national production.

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