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Consultations launched to invest lands adjacent to Baptism site

The UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), on Wednesday launched a series of consultations with the Sustainable Development Mission for Lands Adjacent to the Baptism Site, under the theme : “Discussing Investment Mechanisms.”

Launched in cooperation with the government and the Development Corporation for Lands Adjacent to the Baptism Site, the mission seeks to identify investor opportunities and potential partners for sustainable development in the vicinity of the Baptism site.

According to a UNDP statement, the mission will also hold consultations between May 23-30 2023 in Amman and the areas adjacent to the Baptism site.

For this purpose, the mission’s consultations will include ministries, relevant governmental and local parties, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, investors, financial regulatory bodies, financial and investment institutions, and development partners, the statement said.

Resident Representative of UNDP Jordan, Randa Abu Hassan, said UNDP is committed to promoting inclusive human, spatial and local economic development in Jordan.

Abu Hassan added that UNDP seeks to bring all partners together and provide technical expertise, systems and approaches.

In cooperation with UNCDF, she said UNDP will examine opportunities for investment and local economic development, and is looking forward to collbaorating with partners to serve Jordan and achieve sustainable development goals.

Source: Jordan News Agency