Manama: May 13 – (BNA)– The Bahrain-based Al-Areen Holding (BSC) Company has announced today that its flagship project, the Al-Areen Development will feature a new component, the Al-Areen Specialized Medical Hospital, a state-of-the-art medical facility.
Located on an area of approximately 25,000 square meters, and with views of the Arabian Gulf, the Hospital will overlook the Al-Areen Wildlife Park. This Medical Centre will be the first of its kind in the region and is expected to augment the healthcare facilities, particularly in Bahrain, and to the region at large, offering highly qualified and experienced doctors and medical staff, using the latest in cutting-edge equipment.

This announcement is the first development announcement among several within Al- Areen Development project, which comes through an agreement that was signed recently by Mr. Essam Janahi, representing the owners and Avenue Ventures LLC (AV), a US-incorporated firm that has acquired a 35% stake in Al-Areen Holding Company. Dr. Brian Perri and Dr. Khawar Siddique, two senior doctors from Beverly Hills Spine Surgery and Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California will be the consultants to Avenue Ventures on its establishment and operation.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Janahi said: “We at Al-Areen Holding Company have celebrated a huge milestone with the partnership with Avenue Ventures, and the state-of-the-art Specialized Medical Hospital is a key component of our joint flagship project, Al-Areen Development. Our partnership with Avenue Ventures will help develop the project, clearly showing Al-Areen’s new strategy and new goals for development. The new medical facility will enable us to provide excellent care with greater comfort and privacy for our patients in a peaceful environment. We are also pleased that the construction of this patient-centered Hospital will provide many jobs for Bahrainis.”

This new medical facility will include two sophisticated royal suites, two luxury suites and 10 single private rooms. The center will also provide exclusive services to patients with doctors from the US offering pioneering and highly specialized cosmetic and laser treatments. Other services will include specialized treatments in the fields of Urology, Andrology, Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ob-Gyn) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF). In addition, a Wellness Clinic and Internal Medicine, radiology, laboratory and spacious operating rooms will be available.

Dr. Brian Perry, one of the two senior consulting doctors of this Project said: “We are pleased to be part of this flagship Project which is strategically located within the Gulf. With modern infrastructure, first-class surgical experience with revolutionary technology and state-of-the-art facilities, we promise to deliver quality healthcare solutions to our local and regional patients. In addition, the Project’s close proximity to the 5-star luxury Al-Areen Palace and Spa further guarantees that our patients will have the perfect place in which to retreat and relax.”

Dr. Khawar Siddique, the other senior consulting doctor for the Project, expressed: “It is our intention to make this hospital one that matches standards with top United States hospitals and make it a destination where patients in the region and the world can avail of its unique specialized services for resolving difficult medical problems.”
US General Wesley Clark, Advisor to Avenue Ventures, also commented on the announcement: “The hospital is a very appropriate and key component of the Al-Areen project, which will serve as a central focal point for premium healthcare and medical tourism in the Kingdom, the GCC and region.”

“It is my belief that Al-Areen development project is complemented very well with the addition of a high standards healthcare facility that’s capable of not only providing patients with the high class medical care, but will also provide them with maximum comfort.” said Engineer Yousif Daoud Al-Sayegh, a Consultant Architect for Al-Areen Project.

Dr. Firas Al-Khateeb commented and said: “The plan for Al-Areen hospital is to have several departments, each able to provide specialized healthcare to patients and patrons, which include urology, plastic surgery and infertility.”

With ample parking and a soothing landscaping, the Hospital is designed to provide a welcoming and caring environment to advance the healing process and will focus on delivering excellence in customer service, providing an exceptional experience for patients. Its location, alongside the Al-Areen Palace & Spa Hotel provides hospitality services for inpatients, especially for those who are not Bahrain residents.

Al-Areen Holding Company was established in July 2004, as a joint stock closed company owned by strategic regional investors. Several contributions from private and institutional entities shaped Al-Areen into a prestigious development of national impact. Besides boosting the inflow of international visitors into Bahrain, Al-Areen significantly stimulates foreign investments in the Kingdom’s tourism sector. Source: (IY)


BNA 1032 GMT 2013/05/13

Kingdom of Bahrain hosts the First International Investment Forum for Entrepreneurs

Manama, May 9th (BNA) –Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Arab Regional Centre for Entrepreneurship and Investment Training of United Nations Industrial Development “UNIDO”, Shaikh Ibrahim Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa declared the intention of Kingdom of Bahrain to sign a financing agreement with the Arab Fund for Development to allocate 30 million dollars to finance projects of entrepreneurs in Bahrain. He also highlighted that the issue is understudy at the Ministry of Finance, which is expected to be announced soon.
Shaikh Ibrahim said that this amount will be cut off from a total amount of 2 billion dollars allocated by the Arab Chambers of Commerce to support entrepreneurs in 2009, pointing out that the amount of the agreement obtained by the Arab entrepreneurs from the fund reached 150 million dollars.

Shaikh Ibrahim’s statements came on the sidelines of the press conference held by “UNIDO” to announce the launch of the First International Investment Forum for Entrepreneurs, which will be held in Bahrain in January 2014 in collaboration with the Arab Chambers of Industry and Agriculture, the Arab Bank in Africa (BADEA), as well as Baraka Bank Group and the European Bank.

Shaikh Ibrahim expected the attendance of about 1000 Arab entrepreneurs from the Arab countries and the world to the forum. He also added that the forum, which will be accompanied by an exhibition for the products of the entrepreneurs, aims at directing international successful mechanisms and contributing to the dissemination of micro, small and medium institutions to actively contribute in promoting economy, and grant every citizen their just share to participate in their country’s resources.


A house in three months in about BD60,000 is possible says the Kobaisi Group

Manama, May 8 (BNA) — In less than three months a new house can be installed and handed over on a turnkey basis. This is new in the Gulf, Essa Mubarak Al Kobaisi, Founder Chairman Essa Mubarak Al Kobaisi Group, told the Bahrain News Agency.
“We embarked on the new project called pre-cast houses. The materials are acquired locally – aggregate from Ras Al Khaimah, washed sand (cleaned and washed) from Bahrain and cement. We are able to assemble the ingredients because we have a factory to manufacture the blocks, and readymix concrete and cement and steel,” he said. In three days the ingredients for making the house can be made ready and moved to the location. When the housing equipment is moved, the ground beam is ready so that the structure is ready for installation. The panels are then erected for one or two floors, he added.
Abdulla Essa Al Kobaisi, the Managing Director of the company told the agency, pre-fabricated housing was already ongoing. “We are now building about 62 houses and 84 apartments and soon we will start a project of 188 flats in one compound between Eker and Sanad area. This will have built up areas of 125 to 150 square metres and cost about BD40,000 to BD50,000. These are cost-effective and benefits those who have taken loans from the Housing Bank,” he said. The housing units will be two bedroom or even three bedroom and designed for families in the lower income.
There are also villa projects – including small villas in the BD80,000 to BD150,000 range — based on the size of plots and built up areas. “We are cost effective because we have everything under one roof. We create the material to be used and thus reduce the cost, catering to the low cost housing. We also have our own automation of building,” the managing director said. Transport, wastage in time are among the key ingredients in housing costs rising, he said. The cost of materials is not much changed. “We are now producing three houses a day. In this period we are able to create the infrastructure for the houses,” he said..
In one month it is possible to build about 30 to 40 houses, including tile fixing and painting and handing over the house, Abdulla said. “With our improved workmanship we are able to deliver better houses and at a faster pace without compromising on the quality of housing. Gypsum board and other alternate materials are not conducive for the Gulf climate,” he added.
Prefabricated houses are already on and some have been handed over in Sanad and Arad and Hidd he said. Asked about the anathema for apartments among the people of Bahrain, the junior Kobaisi said, “We have the price value which we cannot control in this case, including the escalating land prices. In 1996 when we began, land price was BD2 per square foot, now it is BD30. The land price is now more than the loan given to the citizen. So the solution is to go vertical and utilise the same land for more houses. Locals cannot get houses in BD40,000 to BD60,000. With the loans getting cancelled at the ende of one year and applications pending the thinking of the people is changing and so they are looking at apartments.”
“We design the apartments in a way that suits the Bahraini tastes. There is no garden, but there is laundry, there is housemaid room. Most have two or three bed room and some apartment even have have majlis, depending on the space available. Here we load the land cost into over 24 apartments. When the number of units increases on one patch of land, the land price is reduced and more people are served and this is the thinking now being brought into the people,” he added.


BNA 0914 GMT 2013/05/08

New PoPs enhance Batelco foray into Europe

Manama, May 8 (BNA) — Bahrain’s integrated communications provider, Batelco, is expanding its global services across Europe, by installing a number of new point of presence (PoPs) facilities, including the UK and France.
The enhanced network will provide global solutions to connect customers to new opportunities, by facilitating greater potential to expand effortlessly through Batelco. It will also serve to attract international players to connect through Batelco’s seamless and reliable network in the Middle East and Gulf region.
Previously a number of regional POP’s across the GCC and the Middle East were established to facilitate cost effective connectivity. With these, Batelco as become a strong telecommunications player on the global market. The new PoPs help enhance the Batelco Group’s position globally. As a result of the expansion programme, its partners and customers can now enjoy the full range of MPLS layer 2 & 3, IPLC and other Ethernet services across the globe.
Batelco General Manager Enterprise Division, Adel Daylami, said that this strategic programme is an important element in the provider’s aim at strengthening its global presence and will enable an extension of its global network solutions to its international customers through its reliable, state of the art network.
“Batelco invests in acquiring global capacity to have redundancy and resilience through the whole GNET network. This further enhances ties of trust that our current customers and partners have in Batelco’s capabilities,” he added.
“The POP’s complement Batelco’s range of global connectivity services — Global MPLS IPVPN layer 3 & Ethernet layer 2 , EoSDH and IPLC , that are supported by a professional team in one of the region’s most sophisticated NOC’s (Network Operation Centre’s) as well as the performance monitoring via the Batelco portal (Batelco NetView). This ensures our customers receive enhanced efficiency by offering seamless, secure and dedicated interconnectivity,” he said.


BNA 0912 GMT 2013/05/08