BAC reinforces aerodrome safety priorities with 2023 safety week launch

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), the operator and managing body of Bahrain International Airport (BIA), launched its annual edition of Safety Week, with an opening ceremony held at the Movenpick attended by key representatives from the airport industry. Guests included Bahrain international Airport key stakeholders.

Safety Week is held on an annual basis to reinforce a culture of safety awareness, transparency and efficiency towards aerodrome safety and to sustain the airport’s reputation as an efficient and safe workplace and environment for all. “Just Culture”, the main theme of this year’s Safety Week, promotes and inspires open communication and improvement to safety, to prevent and reduce accidents by inspiring teams to talk about safety with a positive approach.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah, Chief Executive Officer at Bahrain Airport Company, said: “BAC’s dedication to safety not only upholds the highest standards but also inspires continuous improvement in the realm of aerodrome safety, making the airport a trusted and secure hub for travellers and workers. We are proud to be aligned with global regulatory bodies and international organisations such as the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), fostering harmonization, consistency and interoperability in aviation safety procedures.”

He continued, “We are incredibly grateful for all our partners and employees for following the safety procedures and ensuring effective communication between all departments.”

The 2023 Safety Week will run for a week and will include a series of activities including a special exhibition held at Bahrain International Airport. The week-long series of activities includes panel discussions, training sessions, workshops, and a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Walk.

As part of BAC’s priorities, the company continuously institutes training and awareness programs to educate its staff about the importance of aerodrome safety and the principles of a “Just Culture”. BAC has held awareness sessions, where a total of 951 employees participated in 2022 and 545 to date in the past year.

Source: Bahrain News Agency