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45 price cap violations for poultry recorded since beginning of May-Official

Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply’s market monitoring teams detected 45 violations against shops selling fresh and live chicken since price ceilings for poultry were set, its media spokesperson, Yanal Baramawi, said.

In a statement to “Petra” on Tuesday, he noted 21 violations were registered for non-compliance with the ministry’s price caps for plucked chicken, while 24 violations were registered for failure to announce prices for fresh chicken in the Kingdom’s various regions since the decision to set price caps was made.

The ministry set price ceilings for live chicken, which implemented as of May 3, at JD1.70 for the consumer, while it is sold at JD1.50 from the farm gate, and at JD1.60 for distributors.

The ministry also set price ceilings for fresh chicken, effective May 6, at JD2.20 for the consumer and wholesale at JD2.05.

Additionally, he said the ministry received 51 poultry-related complaints in several regions, which were followed up, adding that problems were addressed and the necessary
measures were taken against violators.

He also affirmed abundance of poultry quantities in the local market, which needs approximately 700,000 chickens daily, including 200,000 sold in pluckers and 500,000 sold as fresh quantities.

Source: Jordan News Agency