Four Irish deputies question the Minister for Foreign Affairs on Bahrain’s human rights record action he intends to take and the case of Dr Abduljalil Alsingace

Four different Irish Deputies were able to address the Foreign Minister directly about the ongoing human rights violations in Bahrain as well as the case of Dr Abduljalil Alsingace. On Tuesday 30th, Deputy Brendan Griffin who is a representative of the Fine Gael party, asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs his views in relation to […]

‫ شركة سيجين ترسل شحنة جوية مُحمَّلة بـ1.7 مليون اختبارات كوفيد-19 إلى إسرائيل لمكافحة متحور أوميكرون بواسطة طائرة مستأجرة

من المقرر أن ترسل شركة سيجين (Seegene) في 29 ديسمبر اختبار SARS-CoV-2 Master Assay ™Allplex القادر على كشف متحور أوميكرون بشكل استباقي في مرحلة الفحص الأولية. وفي مطلع هذا الشهر، استأجرت الشركة طائرة خاصة لإرسال 2.8 مليون اختبارات تشخيصية لكوفيد-19 إلى الدول الأوروبية بما في ذلك إيطاليا وإسبانيا وبلجيكا والتشيك وليتوانيا. سيول، كوريا الجنوبية، 3 يناير / كانون […]

Ascletis Expands Ritonavir Oral Tablet Production and Announces Oral Direct-Acting Antiviral Pipeline Against SARS-CoV-2 Virus

– Ritonavir oral tablet annual production capacity has been expanded to 100 million tablets and can be further rapidly expanded based on market demand – ASC10 is an oral direct-acting antiviral drug candidate targeting RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection – ASC11 is an oral direct-acting antiviral drug candidate targeting 3-chymotrypsin like […]

CGTN: Exceptionally significant 2021: How the Party’s history mobilized the nation

BEIJING, Jan. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — How will the world describe 2021 for China and its ruling party, the Communist Party of China (CPC)? In Chinese President Xi Jinping’s words, 2021 was “a year of exceptional significance.” Celebrating the CPC’s centenary is not the only highlight. The campaign on studying the Party’s history, the sixth […]

CGTN: ‘Poetry Sans Frontiers’ series embraces common humanity through poems

BEIJING, Jan. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The five-episode feature series “Poetry Sans Frontiers” was broadcast on CGTN’s multi-language channels and various new media platforms, embracing diversity and common humanity through poetry. “Bosom friends make distance disappear,” wrote Chinese poet Zhang Jiuling in Tang Dynasty (618-907). The series, launched in the six official languages of the […]