Yemen ‘confident’ of holding strategic city of Marib: FM

Published by Al-Araby War-torn Yemen’s government said Sunday it is confident of holding the strategic city of Marib despite sustained attacks from Iran-backed Houthi rebels which killed thousands on both sides in recent months. Marib, the internationally-recognised government’s last bastion in northern Yemen, is an “impenetrable wall”, Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak boasted, speaking […]

‫قادة القطاع المالي من 41 دولة حول العالم يجتمعون في أبوظبي للمشاركة في الدورة الخامسة من مهرجان فينتك أبوظبي

أبوظبي ، الإمارات العربية المتحدة, 21 نوفمبر / تشرين ثاني 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ينطلق مهرجان فينتك أبوظبي 2021، الذي يقام تحت رعاية صاحب السمو الشيخ هزاع بن زايد آل نهيان، نائب رئيس المجلس التنفيذي لإمارة أبوظبي، غداً الإثنين 22 نوفمبر ويستمر حتى 24 نوفمبر. ويقدم المهرجان الذي يعد أكبر حدث للتكنولوجيا المالية في منطقة الشرق […]

Dam will break if Houthi rebels take Marib: Yemeni official

Published by Al-Araby The foreign minister of Yemen’s government in exile warned Sunday that a rebel takeover of the crucial, energy-rich city of Marib would be a disaster on the scale of the collapse of its ancient dam that decimated an entire kingdom. Ahmad Awad Bin Mubarak’s comments mark some of the most dire made […]

Hisense Celebrates FIFA World Cup 2022™ One Year to Go with ‘Too Big To Miss’ Campaign

QINGDAO, China, Nov. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The FIFA World Cup 2022™ is just a year away and Qatar will host football’s most prestigious tournament for the first time. Since sponsoring FIFA World Cup 2018™, Hisense has achieved a substantial increase in sales and global awareness. In 2022, Hisense joins forces with FIFA once again, […]

Foreign Minister meets with Kuwaiti National Security Apparatus Acting Head

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani met with the Acting Head of the Kuwaiti National Security Apparatus (NSA) Shaikh Sabah Shamlan Al-Sabah, on the sidelines of the 17th Manama Dialogue.   The meeting highlighted the historical relations between Bahrain and Kuwait, noting the exceptional development and growth it has witnessed in various […]