With temperatures on the peak since the past month, bottles of water, fruit juice, as well as, food are being distributed to low income workers, as part of a summer charity drive, organised by Bahrain Malayali Business Forum’s (BMBF) Youth Wing.

The initiative, ‘Help and Drink 2017,’ run by 35 volunteers, majority of whom are youngsters, have already distributed over 14,000 bottles of water.

There are a lot of labourers working in the heat, and it is a great relief for them, when they receive water or food. BMBF founder and secretary, Basheer Ambalayi, said.

The giveaways were distributed to street cleaners, road maintenance workers, construction workers and other labourers in need.

The distribution starts at 5:00 in the morning and goes on until 8:00 am.

On Fridays, the distribution continues until 10:00 am.

The distribution was possible only because of the generous support of our sponsors, who helped us by providing sufficient packets of water and food, Ambalayi said.

The organisers launched the initiative with an aim to encourage the youngsters to participate in such activities and instil in them qualities of altruism and social


So far they have been very dedicated and passionate for the cause. Originally we planned to have this only for two weeks but because of their enthusiasm we extended it. Ambalayi added.

The programme will conclude on Sept 8

Source: NAM News Network

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