Qatar’s conspiracy against Bahrain exposed further

Manama: Qatari conspiracy against Bahrain in the 2011 events is becoming increasingly clear thanks to new evidence.

The Qatari regime walked in the shoes of Iran’s theocratic regime in a bid to wreak chaos and destruction at the hands of its hirelings.

However, the kingdom’s wise leadership successfully tackled and overcame the Qatari-Iranian conspiracy and saved Bahrain from such unprecedented plots.

Qatar ignited the first sparks of chaos and sabotage in Bahrain, used social media to sow sedition and strife through a fully-fledged conspiracy that was financed by Qatar and backed by its hostile media channels coinciding with the so-called “Arab Spring.” Qatar created social media accounts that published false stories on Bahrain Forum that called on demonstrators to take to the streets and to stage its conspiracy on 14 February 2011.

Cybersecurity investigations led to the account which had been created via Qatar’s Internet Protocol (IP) service.

The Qatari Amiri Diwan, Amiri Guard and the Ministry of Interior intensively accessed the suspicious over-politicized hostile Bahraini opposition websites that called for riots and rallies in Manama to weaken the state and ignite the flames of sectarianism as well as divide the country’s communities to accomplish the big conspiracy and to overthrow the constitutional regime of Bahrain.

Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV channel launched and intensified its hostile campaign against Bahrain alleging that the incidents in Bahrain were within context of the so-called “Arab Spring” to demand political rights.

Al Jazeera aired news progammes and talk shows which included calls to the general public to cause strife and chaos, and fabricated false stories to win support from the local and international public opinion.

Qatar orchastrated its interference in Bahrain to overthrow the constitutional regime while Qatar’s former foreign and prime minister Hamad bin Jassim continued his communications with terrorists in Bahrain to knit the threads of the conspiracy.

Bahrain’s unfortunate incidents of 2011 were not a people’s movement but a systematic destructive plot created and supported by Qatar’s regime and security agencies as well as its agents who coordinated and monitored the events after the first spark was ignited.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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