Palestinian Delegation Visits Jordanian Field Hospital

Nablus – In Nablus, a delegation from various official institutions of the city visited the private Jordanian field hospital, Nablus/1, on Monday. According to representatives from the delegation, their visit was aimed at understanding the hospital’s operations and the range of medical services it provides, particularly in light of the current situation.

The group received a comprehensive briefing on the hospital’s clinics and medical specialties. They toured various departments and facilities, observing the ongoing work and the array of medical specialties offered. This visit highlighted the hospital’s commitment to providing the best possible health and treatment services to the Palestinian community.

Members of the delegation expressed their gratitude towards the hospital staff for their significant role and noble mission in delivering humanitarian aid. They recognized the efforts of Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah, in consistently supporting the Palestinian cause across global forums.

The delegation also commended the leadership and management of the hospital’s staff, appreciating their dedication to assisting patients and alleviating their suffering in the West Bank city.

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