Injured Staff from Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza Evacuated to Jordan for Treatment

Amman – In Amman, the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) recently carried out a mission to evacuate injured staff from the Jordanian Field Hospital, Gaza/76, following a bombing incident.

According to Jordan News Agency, the evacuation to Al-Hussein Medical City was executed under royal directives after the hospital’s emergency department was targeted on Wednesday, November 15. The staff were in the process of treating Gazans injured by Israeli bombings in the area when the incident occurred.

Upon arrival in Jordan, the injured were received by the Director General of the Royal Medical Services and the Director of Military Operations. An initial assessment revealed that their injuries ranged from minor to stable. They are now set to undergo comprehensive laboratory and radiological testing at Al Hussein Medical City, where they will receive further medical care.

The Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza, established in 2009, plays a critical role in providing medical and therapeutic services to the residents of the Gaza Strip. It is equipped with a full range of clinics and medical equipment to handle various medical situations.

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