HRH Premier praises Bahrain’s success stories in unity, co-existence

Manama: His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa received at his palace in Riffa today the Hussaini Processions General Authority and Heads of the community centres (Ma’atams) marking the end of Ashoora season. He praised tolerance and freedom that characterise the Bahraini society, adding that co-existence and cohesion have always formed the core of relations between the Bahraini people.

HRH the Premier lauded the one-family spirit prevailing in the Bahraini community, affirming everlasting strong ties binding the Bahraini people throughout history. He underlined unity in Bahrain, paying tribute to the people for their awareness and honourable patriotic stances. He pointed out that preserving the advanced model of freedom is the responsibility of all, emphasising the Bahraini people’s respect of doctrinal and intellectual diversity as a main pillar for national unity.

HRH the Prime Minister affirmed that Bahrain has presented to the world throughout its history stories of success concerning unity, co-existence as well as intellectual, cultural, religious and doctrinal pluralism. He underscored the role of houses of worship in maintaining social unity, pointing out that religious freedom in Bahrain is an inherent approach emanating from Islam and its noble precepts.

HRH the Premier hailed the efforts of Head and members of the Hussaini Processions General Authority in commemorating religious occasions and promoting Bahrain’s cultural and social heritage. He stressed that the Bahraini society has always been and will remain one community characterised by tolerance and co-existence. He urged to hold on to those values that were anchored by the fathers and grandfathers for the best interest of the nation. He paid tribute to the Bahraini people for their efforts and dedication to serve the nation, calling on them to stand united.

The Hussaini Processions General Authority Head and members extended thanks and appreciation to HRH the Prime Minister for the facilities provided by the government to ensure success of Ashoora season. They stressed that his directives had a great impact on distinction of this year’s event, lauding the unflinching support of HRH the Premier to the occasion and his keenness to further foster social cohesion and consolidate the spirit of tolerance and co-existence.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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