Terrorism, which is targeting most regions in the world, can only be confronted through firmness, cooperation and coordination, Bahrain’s Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, said.

Terrorism poses a threat to development, which can only be achieved in a secure and stable atmosphere, the Premier said, stressing that, the government is firm to combat terrorism and those upholding the ideology, in thoughts and deeds.

The Prime Minister made the statements, while receiving the Royal family members, and senior state officials, here.

The government, despite its preoccupation with nation-building and development, is always vigilant and resolved to maintain security and stability. Let it be known to everyone that, the hand that tries to tamper with security, will be faced by the force of the law, the Premier said, praising the Bahraini society’s cohesion and categorical rejection of attempts to subvert security.

The Prime Minister underlined the government’s development plans, aimed at achieving the requirements of decent living for the citizens, within secure and stable conditions, highlighting the government’s keenness, on ensuring that development projects are finalised, according to schedule

Source: NAM News Network

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