Financial legislations’ key role highlighted

Manana: Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa has received Chairman of the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission, Chancellor Nawaf Abdullah Abdulaziz Hamza.

The Deputy Premier congratulated Chancellor Hamza on the occasion of the issuance of Royal Decree 39/2017 of appointing him as chairman of the Commission. Shaikh Khalid highlighted the importance of mustering the efforts of all the relevant sides to boost the local setup with legislations that have financial and economic dimensions and attach top priority to meeting the exigencies of the present phase and its challenges. He praised the highly qualified and efficient Bahraini legal cadres in the Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission as an independent body whose staff have the capacity to translate the aspirations of the Executive Branch in terms of legal aspects, preparation and drafting of law bills, interpretation of legal texts, expression of legal opinion on constitutional and legislative issues, and all of that as part of the ongoing cooperation.

Hamza expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the deputy Prime Minister for his welcoming reception, pledging to dedicate all the efforts of the Commission in cooperation with the various governmental ministries and directorates in the interest of citizens’ welfare.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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