A Gulf national was recently arrested for attempting to smuggle drugs into Bahrain from Saudi Arabia, through King Fahad Causeway, using spices to deceive police dogs, so that they couldn’t recognise the smell of the narcotics.

The man will stand before the First Higher Criminal Court, for the second time, on Nov 8, as the judges recently adjourned the case for further study.

Court files showed that, the man hid one kilogram of hashish in his socks, while travelling into Bahrain, through the causeway, and used spices (curcuma), to cover the smell of the drugs.

The man’s attempt was foiled, when the police dogs discovered a small piece of narcotics hidden under the driving wheel of the vehicle, of the 27-year-old defendant, who apparently forgot about it.

Further checking and examination led the customs officers to discover the one Kg hidden in the man’s socks.

Police investigations also showed that the man has several felonies in smuggling drugs into the Kingdom.

The investigations led to a female Arab companion here in Bahrain.

The prosecutors ordered the detention of the 26-year-old woman, who sold the smuggled drugs here.

She was arrested after repeatedly calling and sending messages to the man’s mobile phone, while he was in police custody, leading the police straight to her.

However, she denied any relations to narcotics or the first defendant, stating that she has not been communicating with him since 2016.

Customs police on both ends of the causeway frequently announced the foiling of smuggling attempts of different items that include drugs, weapons and liquor.

Vehicles crossing the causeway are only checked on one side, to save travellers’ time, as announced by the customs of both kingdoms. Cars coming from Saudi are only inspected on the Bahraini side of the causeway, and vice versa

Source: NAM News Network

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