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Second Human Rights Defender Disappeared as Remaining Limits on Bahraini State Repression Further Erode

For the second time in as many days the Bahraini authorities have carried out an enforced disappearance against a human rights activist. This new incommunicado detention, coming on the heels of the re-detention of Ebtesam al-Sayegh, indicates that the Bahraini state is determined to stamp out all human rights activity within its borders.

At dawn on 4 July, Mohamed Khalil al-Shakhoori, a 33-year-old human rights defender, was seized from his home by masked plainclothes security forces, operating as usual without a warrant. No cause for arrest was given as he was removed to an undisclosed location.

Al-Shakhoori had recently been a victim of torture, when in May 2017 he was summoned to the security facility in the city of Muharraq, which is known to be a base of operations for the infamous National Security Agency. At Muharraq he was beaten, sexually abused, and subjected to electrical shock for several hours. The officers torturing him made clear that their intent was to deter him from continuing his activities in the human rights field. The likely reason for his re-detention is his continuing activism, which has included dissemination of the details of his torture.

As of this writing, over 24 hours after the initial detention, Mr. al-Shakhoori remains disappeared. Though inquiries have been made with several security agencies, none will acknowledge holding him. No relative or attorney has received a phone call from him or notice that he is in custody.

Enforced disappearance is a particularly heinous crime. The “refusal to disclose the fate or whereabouts of the persons … places such persons outside the protection of the law,” as one definition of the practice notes. Though some Bahraini citizens initially held incommunicado resurface, within days or weeks, in detention centers, prisons, or partisan judicial proceedings, some remain in the dark for months, subject to the untrammeled power of an oppressive state.

As noted, Mr. al-Shakhoori’s seizure comes on the heels of the still ongoing disappearance of Ms. al-Sayegh. The latest reports on al-Sayegh indicate that she has been seen by other prisoners bearing obvious signs of physical abuse at the women’s detention facility in the city of Isa, but to date no state agency has acknowledged that it is holding her and no attorneys or rights monitoring groups have been able to see her and verify her well-being.

Ms. al-Sayegh’s seizure in its turn came on the heels of the closure of al-Wasat, which was Bahrain’s only independent, non-state newspaper. In the words of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (PDF), all other dailies are “pro-government and are owned by figures closely associated with the GoB [Government of Bahrain],” while “Radio and television broadcasts in Bahrain are all State-controlled.” The shuttering of al-Wasat came on the heels of the dissolution of al-Wefaq, the last surviving opposition party. Both those events coincided with or followed the reinstitution of executions and a sharp uptick in death sentences; the re-empowerment of the National Security Agency; amendment of the constitution to allow for military trial of civilians; the violent crackdown on the long-term sit-in at Duraz, which left five dead in “unlawful killings” (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights); and the renewed trial of prominent political prisoner Nabeel Rajab, who has spent most of the past five years in jail on charges that are openly directed at quashing his freedom of speech.

There is no difficulty in discerning the pattern here, and the Bahraini monarchy’s moves by now lack all tactical subtlety. It is patently shedding any democratic façade and openly behaving as a dictatorship, in ways as extreme as anything seen since Bahrain put down its Arab Spring uprising in 2011.

Concerned international actors must call forcefully for the immediate release of Mr. al-Shakhoori, Ms. al-Sayegh, and all other political prisoners. Unless there is a forceful reaction from the global community, dissent itself may soon disappear within Bahrain.

GAC Motor Showcases at 2017 Davos, Taking Quality and Capability of China’s Automotive Industry on Display

DALIAN, China, July 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Chinese automaker GAC Motor’s latest flagship models, the GA8 and GS8, have been showcased at the 2017 Summer Davos, the 11th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, held in Dalian, China. The selection of GAC’s vehicles by the event organizers highlights their premium quality, which is born out of the company’s intelligent manufacturing process.

Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC Group, attended the teleconference and gave a speech at 2017 Davos

Themed “Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the forum focuses on the Fourth Industrial Revolution that will profoundly change the way people live, work and interact with one another through intelligent manufacturing technologies.

“The showcase of GAC Motor at the 2017 Summer Davos is a validation of all of the hard work that has gone into designing and building cars that meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety,” said Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor.

The GA8 is a luxury sedan that has been built on the C-level platform since GAC Motor launched its high-end oriented strategy. The GS8, another signature model at the “Guangzhou Night” hosted by GAC Motor during the forum, is a luxury 7-seat SUV that has integrated advanced intelligent interconnection technologies and demonstrates GAC Motor’s premium manufacturing standards. The vehicle has received a five-star safety score in (China-New Car Assessment Program C-NCAP), the highest among all medium-large SUVs in the Chinese market since 2015.

Other highlights of the “Guangzhou Night” were GAC Motor’s five-seat SUV, GS7, which was praised as “A New Generation Blockbuster SUV” by New York Times, and its first pure electric vehicle, GE3, which aims at bringing a friendly and intelligent driving experience. Distinguished guests from different countries were deeply impressed by GAC Motor’s excellent workmanship and world-class innovation standard.Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor gave an introduction about GAC Motor vehicles to Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of World Economic Forum

The fastest-growing Chinese auto brand, GAC Motor has been accomplishing breakthroughs in the high-end market. The company has introduced its cars to a broader global audience by serving various distinguished high-profile events such as the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (NPC & CPPCC), the China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) Xiamen and the China Attractions Expo (CAE Expo).

“Our strategy for the upcoming intelligent manufacturing era is to follow the quality-first principle and take an innovation-driven development path,” noted Yu. “We will keep carrying on independent innovation while forming strategic alliances with peers to achieve win-win situations.”

GAC Motor is planning to establish a smart factory to implement an intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, intelligent production management and intelligent control center. Its self-developed Cross-Platform Modular Architecture (CPMA) embodies GAC Motor’s high-end positioning, quality-first principle and innovation-driven strategy to move towards Industrial 4.0 capabilities.

GAC Motor’s signature model GS7 at 2017 Davos

“We are exploring creative manufacturing methodologies which can apply to tailored and intelligent products and services,” continued Yu, “We will also adopt an innovative business model based on the Internet of Things. The company will transform from one that does manufacturing to one that does creative design, from Chinese manufacturing to global intelligent manufacturing.”

With a focus on sustainability, GAC Motor has placed an emphasis on the balanced development of SUVs, sedans as well as new energy models and has achieved remarkable results in 2017. The company launched its first self-developed electrical vehicle, the GE3, this year as well as a hybrid plug-in sedan, the GA3S PHEV, and the plug-in SUV GS4 PHEV.

“We always have great respect and appreciation for the market. In the field of new energy, the best solution is not to prescribe one certain outcome, but to experiment and explore different pathways together and let the market make the final choice,” noted Yu at Michelin Movin’On, the global sustainable mobility summit in Montreal, Canada this June, about GAC Motor and the global auto industry in terms of the company’s forward-looking strategies on developing sustainable mobility.

With a comprehensive product line and ever-increasing brand competitiveness, GAC Motor has sold more than 250,878 in the first six months of 2017, a year-on-year growth of 57 percent, which is significantly higher than the industry’s average increase rate during the off-season. The company has a goal of annual sales volume of 500,000 in 2017.

About GAC Motor

A subsidiary of GAC Group, GAC Motor develops and manufactures premium quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories, achieving a year-to-year growth rate of 96 percent in 2016, the highest among all Chinese brands in the corresponding period. GAC Motor now ranks the highest among all Chinese brands for four consecutive years and 5th among all global brands in J.D. Power Asia Pacific’s 2016 China Initial Quality Study.

For more information, please visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GACMotor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gac_motor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gac_motor

Media Contact:

Sukie Wong

Taki Jiang

Photo – http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/530465/Zeng_Qinghong_Chairman_of_GAC_Group.jpg
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‫معرض غوجن الـ 20 للإضاءة يبدأ التسجيل المسبق للمشاركة

غوجن، الصين، 4 تموز/يوليو، 2017 / بي آر نيوزواير / — بدأ معرض غوجن الدولي للإضاءة (معرض الإضاءة) انطلاقته في العام 1999، وسيتم عقد أحدث طبعة منه في الفترة بين 22 و26 تشرين الأول/أكتوبر، 2017 في مركز غوجن للمعارض والمؤتمرات، حيث عاصمة الإضاءة في جونغشان بمقاطعة غواندونغ. وفي الوقت ذاته، سيتم عقد معرض غونجن 2017 لتصنيع الإضاءة وتوريداتها وخدماتها (طبعة الخريف) بمشاركة حوالي 800 شركة ومورد ذي نوعية عالية، ما سيوفر منصة شاملة لجميع أعمال هذه الصناعة والتجارة والاتصالات والمبادلات للمشترين المهنيين من أكثر من 100 دولة ومنطقة حول العالم.https://prnewswire2-a.akamaihd.net/p/1893751/sp/189375100/thumbnail/entry_id/1_02jpa1g5/def_height/400/def_width/400/version/100031/type/1

الصورة:  http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/529774/Guzhen_Intl_Lighting_Fair.jpg

وبصفتها أكبر مركز لتصنيع الإضاءة المهنية في الصين وسوق الجملة، فضلا عن كونها واحدا من الأسواق العالمية المتخصصة للإضاءة، حققت غوجن قيمة إنتاج إجمالي بلغت 19.03 مليار يوان في العام 2016، وهو ما يمثل 70٪ من حصة سوق الإضاءة المحلية ومبيعات المنتجات في أكثر من 130 دولة ومنطقة حول العالم. وبالاعتماد على الموارد الصناعية لغوجن، فإن معرض إضاءة غوجن (الخريف) يستهدف التصدير أساسا. وتشمل المنتجات الموجودة في معرض غوجن للإضاءة سلسلة توريد الصناعة بأكملها. فمن منتجات المنبع مثل المواد الخام والآلات والمعدات وإكسسوارات ومكونات الإضاءة إلى المنتجات النهائية مثل الإضاءة الزخرفية، والإضاءة المنزلية، والإضاءة التجارية، إضاءة ليد وتقنياتها، يقدم معرض غوجن للإضاءة لمهنيي الإضاءة كل ما يحتاجونه.

وسيستمر معرض غوجن الـ 20 للإضاءة في إفساح المجال كاملا للمواقع”1+6″ حيث ستعقد أكبر ستة مراكز تسوق مهنية في المدينة معرضا مشتركا يصل إلى 2000 بائع، يغطي مساحة تتجاوز 1.5 مليون متر مربع. وهنا سيتم عرض منتجات أفضل العلامات التجارية والعديد من منتجات الإضاءة الخاصة والمميزة. بالإضافة إلى الشركات الصناعية العملاقة وآخر الأخبار الصناعية، ستكون هناك أنشطة ترفيهية للزوار أيضا. هذا المعرض هو بمثابة مسابقة تملأ المدينة بسحر الإضاءة ومرحها.

وقد تم فتح معرض غوجن للإضاءة الـ 20 للتسجيل المسبق الآن. يرجى زيارة الموقع الرسمي لمعرض غوجن للإضاءة وملء التفاصيل الشخصية، وبهذه الطريقة سيوفر الزوار  100 يوان للتسجيل في الموقع بعد الانتهاء من التسجيل، وسيكون بوسعهم التمتع بخدمة كبار الشخصيات المقدمة من قبل منظمي المعرض. وبالإضافة إلى ذلك، سيتم إعلام المتسجلين المسبقين على الموقع م بأحدث الأخبار والنصائح والإشعارات والتذكير بمواعيد أحداث معرض الإضاءة برسائل البريد الإلكتروني المنتظمة.

لمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى زيارة: http://www.gzlightingfair.com/en/Home

‫تطبيق واي فاي ماستر كي لأجهزة أندرويد يصل 100 مليون تركيب على غوغل بلاي

سنغافورة، 5 تموز/يوليو، 2017 / بي آر نيوزواير / — احتفلت لينكشور بالمناسبة الثانية لانطلاقتها لثانية وبالكثير من المعالم المهمة التي خققتها الشركة في استعمال المستهلكين لعملياتها العالمية في شهر أيار/مايو المنصرم.

وقد وصل عدد تركيبات منتجها الرئيسي، وايفاي ماستر كي (goo.gl/zfHy7g)، وهو أول وأكبر تطبيقات المشاركة بالوايفاي، علامة الـ 100 مليون تركيب في محلات غوغل بلاي في شهر أيار/مايو المنصرم، وهو ضعف ما كان عليه هذا الرقم في شباط/فبراير الماضي.

ومن بين التطبيقات الأخرى التي بلغت أرقام تركيب ما بين 100-500 مليون تركيب على محل غوغل بلاي بالإضافة إلى وايفاي ماستر  كي فيسبوك لايت، أوبر، إيباي، أمازون، سبوتيفاي، بنتريست، وويشات من بين تطبيقات أخرى.

وفي فترة قصيرة لم تزد على العامين منذ إطلاقه العالمي في العام 2015، شهد تطبيق واي فاي ماستر كي زيادة شعبية وخاصة في جنوب شرق آسيا لأنه ساعد المجتمع النامي هناك على الوصول إلى الانترنت، وبالتالي الوصول إلى الاقتصاد الرقمي. وإذ هو متوفر في 19 لغة في 223 دولة ومنطقة، فقد تصدر واي فاي ماستر كي قائمة غوغل بلاي في المرتبة رقم 1كتطبيق أدوات في ما يقرب من 50 بلدا. وعلى وجه الخصوص، إلى جانب الصين، حقق واي فاي ماستر كي موطئ قدم قويا في واحد من أسرع الاقتصادات الرقمية نموا في العالم – فيتنام، حيث يتصدر المرتبة رقم 1 كتطبيق أدوات، والمرتبة رقم 5 كتطبيق مجاني.

وفي حين تعمل الشركات العملاقة في الصناعة مثل الفيسبوك وغوغل ومايكروسوفت على خطط الاتصال الطموحة في فضاء الإنترنت لجعل عالمنا أكثر ارتباطا، فإن لينكشور تتبع نهج القاعدة الشعبية لسد الفجوة الرقمية من خلال تزويد العالم بحرية الوصول إلى الإنترنت من خلال تطبيق واي فاي ماستر كي.

وبصفته أول تطبيق مشاركة واي فاي في العالم، فإن النمو الهائل لواي فاي ماستر كي يشير إلى أن مستخدمي الإنترنت في جميع أنحاء العالم تبنوا على نحو متزايد مفهوم الواي فاي المشترك عن طريق “تقاسم الاقتصاد.”

وبالنظر إلى أبعد من ذلك، سوف تواصل لينكشور تحسين الكفاءة الرئيسية لواي فاي ماستر كي لجلب الحلول سهلة الاستخدام التي تساعد الناس على الوصول إلى الانترنت، والعثور على فرصهم، وتغيير مصائرهم.

نبذة حول واي فاي ماستر كي من (en.wifi.com facebook.com/wifimasterkey )

واي فاي ماستر كي هو تطبيق مجاني الاستعمال على الهاتف الجوال من شركة لينكشور لتمكين الوصول إلى الإنترنت من دون كلمة السر. وبحلول حزيران/يونيو 2016، تجاوز عدد مستعملي التطبيق 900 مليون و520 مليون مستعمل نشط شهريا، ما جعل التطبيق أكبر تطبيق تشارك واي فاي في العالم. وتحتل الشركة تصنيف واحدة من الشركات الأسرع نموا في الصين في ميدان إنترنت الهاتف الجوال، وحصلت الشركة على قيمة مليار دولار في العام 2015، بعد أن أكملت تمويلا من السلسلة أ بمقدار 52 مليون دولار.

ليديا تشو

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WiFi Master Key’s Android app reaches 100 million installs on Google Play

SINGAPORE, July 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — LinkSure celebrated its second anniversary, and significant user milestones for its global operations this May.

Its core product, WiFi Master Key (goo.gl/zfHy7g), the world’s first and largest WiFi sharing tools app, has reached the 100 million installs milestone on Google Play Store this May, twice the number from last February.

Other apps that are in the 100-500 million installs range on Google Play Store besides WiFi Master Key includes Facebook Lite, Uber, eBay, Amazon, Spotify, Pinterest, and WeChat among others.

In a short span of two years since its global launch in 2015, WiFi Master Key has seen a popularity surge especially in South East Asia as it helps a growing community get online, and access the digital economy. Available in 19 languages across 223 countries and regions, WiFi Master Key topped the Google Play Chart as the #1 tools app in close to 50 countries. Particularly, besides China, WiFi Master Key has a strong foothold in one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world — Vietnam, where it tops as the #1 tools app, and the #5 free app.

While tech giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are working on ambitious connectivity plans in the Internet space to make our world more connected, LinkSure takes on a grassroots approach to bridge the digital divide by providing the world with free Internet access through the WiFi Master Key app.

Being the world’s first-of-its-kind WiFi sharing app, the meteoric growth of WiFi Master Key indicates that Internet users worldwide have increasingly embraced the concept of shared WiFi via “sharing economy”.

Looking beyond, LinkSure will continue to enhance WiFi Master Key’s core competency to bring easy-to-use solutions that help people get online, find their opportunities, and change their destinies.

ABOUT WIFI MASTER KEY ( en.wifi.com | facebook.com/wifimasterkey )

WiFi Master Key is a free mobile app developed by LinkSure to enable passwordless Internet access. The app also has a WiFi Map showing available hotspots nearby. As of June 2016, the app has 900 million users and 520 million MAU making it the world’s largest WiFi sharing app. The company holds the record of being one of China’s fastest growing unicorn mobile Internet companies to achieve a billion-dollar valuation in 2015, after closing $52 million worth of Series A funding.

Lydia Chow